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CoLinear Systems was founded in 1985 to design and develop an application for mail-order management. Since its introduction, the RESPONSE order processing software package has consistently led the market of high-volume, multi-user, order processing and fulfillment solutions across multiple channels.

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Works with...

RESPONSE plays well with others. We have integrations with front end shopping carts, payment processors, shipping systems, ERPs, fraud detectors, marketing systems, and many more partners that help our customers get their jobs done.

Payment Gateway


Sales Tax Compliance

Commerce V3

eCommerce Solution


Shipping Solution

Peachtree Data

Data Services


eCommerce solution



Payment Processor


Shipping Solution


Payment Processor

ECommerce Cart

eCommerce Solution


Marketing solution

MaxMind MinFraud

Fraud Detection


Payment Processor


eCommerce Solution

Fed Ex

Shipping Solution


Commerce Cloud - eCommerce


First Data

Payment Processor


eCommerce Fulfillment Solution


eMail Marketing


Transactional eMails


eCommerce Solution


Payment Processor


Shipping Solution


eCommerce Solution


Payment Processor


Shipping Solution

Shiptec Solutions

Shipping Solution

Channel Advisor

eCommerce Consolidator


Shipping Solution

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Send us an email and let us know what you’re looking for. We are quick to point out if RESPONSE is a good fit for your business or if another solution may be your answer.

Our Customers

RESPONSE serves customers of all sizes from small to mid-size businesses that see between 10 and 10,000 orders a day. We have an Order Management Solution that meets your needs and we will be the first ones to tell you if we can’t.

Some of our customer catalogs

“We couldn’t be happier with Response and CoLinear’s support. Order taking and inventory management is much more reliable. We can import orders and export directly into Worldship with barely any keystrokes! We’ve tripled our orders with half the effort!”

-A. Tannenbaum, President

“Your software suited our needs for many years…In ways too numerous to list, Response was an asset to the growth of our business and the satisfaction of our customers.”

-J. Nygren, Systems Admin

“CoLinear has a terrific product and excellent support. I shudder to think we came so close to spending over four times as much for less flexibility and nearly triple the maintenance and upkeep costs.”

-C. Smith, VP Operations

“The Response software performs the way we expect, and we have tremendous flexibility for inventory management, e-commerce and traditional call center functionality.  I am grateful for the expertise of the Colinear team, the support they provide and the wonderful community of Response users who are so willing to help those of us who do not have tremendous IT skills.”

-K. Teague, Operations Manager

“Our switch from MOM to Response was way easier than anticipated and CoLinear stands head and shoulders above other software vendors we have worked with.”

-E. Swadish, President

“We are very happy with the move. Today I heard one of my employees saying, “I just love this system…” RESPONSE is a far better product than MOM. Primarily more stable, more customizable, and much better customer service and support.”

-B. Borgum, Manager

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*daily estimates based on available customer data averaged over the calendar year